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Why Diets Fail - Dr. J David Prologo - Science Based Weight Loss Strategy

Episode Summary

Dr. Prologo is a dual board-certified interventional radiologist and obesity medicine specialist. Dr. Prologo has spent more than twenty years specifically analyzing the phenomenon of diet attrition—why do diets always fail? More importantly, when they do fail, why do we blame the patients for that failure? That journey led Dr. Prologo to perform first in human advanced interventional procedures to manage obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. It further led to the identification of the catching point—a clear pivot point beyond which calorie restriction and exercise are easier for patients. Dr. Prologo has been recognized nationally and internationally for his work, including features on The Today Show, in the Washington Post, on Capitol Hill, in numerous in peer-reviewed journal publications, countless web based invited expert articles, and much more. Dr. Prologo continues to advocate for those who are in pain or struggle with weight loss—particularly driving an agenda of acceptance, inclusion, and love. The Catching Point Transformation is a brand new approach to weight loss. Dr. Prologo’s plan is focused on overcoming the body’s resistance to change. It is designed to guide the reader through twelve short weeks—without all of the struggle, starving, and pain of historical dieting. “Dr. Prologo targets sustainability. He elevates our science-based weight-loss programs by keeping people engaged.” —Arthur Agatston, MD, author of The South Beach Diet

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