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We Can Fix Healthcare - Deane Waldman, MD, MBA ("Dr. Deane")

Episode Summary

Dr. Deane has used his knowledge of systems thinking to “diagnose” and treat what is wrong with our sick healthcare system. His conclusions have been reported in 50 original, peer-reviewed published articles, including the seminal works su ch, “Thinking systems [like healthcare] need systems thinking” and “The Shocking Cost of Turnover in Healthcare.” Because of his expertise in the healthcare system, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez appointed Dr. Deane as “consumer advocate” on the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange. Dr. Deane’s “cure” for healthcare, StatesCare, has been reported in Fox News, The Hill, Washington Examiner, and Real Clear Health before being fully described in the book, ‘Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare.” Doctor Waldman is currently Distinguished Senior Fellow in Healthcare Policy at Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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