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The Curse of Gospel Music - William Bowers, A.K.A Brother Crumb

Episode Summary

Brother Crumb will talk about a lecture called "The Curse of Gospel Music", where He goes through the history of Negro Spirituals turning into Jazz & Gospel. It is interesting and edgy. We talk about Sam Cooke, his murder, his legacy and rumors and conjecture about his life and circle of friends, including Bobby Womack and Aretha Franklin. BIO William Bowers, A.K.A Brother Crumb is The Master Student, the creator of Crumb TV, a conscious community media company. He is a content creator and social media influencer, with about 100-thousand followers across several social media platforms. The Master Student is a proficient in and dedicated to the art of learning, understanding, & sharing knowledge. He specializes in PowerPoints of diverse subjects. He had humble beginnings on Facebook in 2009 when his gnostic fire 1st engulfed tantalized minds w/ simple text post. Since then, he has risen through the ranks of [conscious] social media as a passionate online personality with compelling content.

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