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The Colour’s Coming Back - Sharon Zigman - Music For A Cause

Episode Summary

Music For A Cause The Colour's Coming Back is the first release by Zigman Creative Projects Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the donation of part of its proceeds to various charities. The Colour's Coming Back is an album of original songs for people living with cancer and their families and friends. Our foundation aims to support cancer prevention, research, treatment, and wellness through the sale of the album. To accomplish this goal, we will be making donations to various cancer-related organizations. Sharon Zigman is a psychologist and hypnotherapist whose lifelong passion has been music. She began taking classical piano lessons at age 9 and continued for 20 years. Later she switched to rock and jazz. In addition to piano, she took up mandolin, guitar, and drums. She enjoys entertaining at local events, either playing keyboard solo or as part of a trio with Ilona Eliakim (vocals) and Spiros Damianos (drums). Acknowledging the connection between physical activity and emotional well-being, Sharon spends many hours a week cross-training in a variety of sports and attending dance classes. She finds that some of her most creative moments occur while swimming, skiing, or rollerblading. Through her involvement with Gilda's Club Montreal, she was inspired to write lyrics that would be meaningful to people touched by cancer. She wishes to dedicate her lyrics to her close friend and colleague, Dr. Carmen Guanipa, and to her uncle, Dr. Seymour Cohen.

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