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Superhuman Mutations, Warring Kingdoms, and a Prophecy

Episode Summary

ay Thomas, author of The Unifier, a fantasy adventure of superhuman mutations, warring kingdoms, and a prophecy that has been unfolding for a thousand years If your listeners are fans of Avatar, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, they will love this new release! Jay had begun cultivating the creation of the world in The Unifier for several years now. It wasn’t until recently with the welcoming of his first child that he found himself putting together the novel into a story that he was both proud of and ready to share with the world. His obsession with storytelling can be supplemented through various projects he hopes to bring to the public in the next couple of years including screenplays and the sequels to this intricate and complex design he has worked on. Do you have fantasy and science fiction fans interested in action and adventure, mystery and involved plots among your audience? A fantastic conversationalist, absolute cinephile and passionate gamer, Jay would be honoured to have a conversation with you about pop culture, movie/TV knowledge, gaming, storytelling/creation, philosophy, the driving force behind his authoring project, his beginnings as a writer, how his story mirrors real-world issues and anything else you are inclined to discuss!

Episode Notes

website: https://theunifierbook.com/