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Storm Cunningham - RECONOMICS - The Society of Revitalization & Resilience

Episode Summary

For two decades, Storm has helped public and private clients around the globe understand how to lead or support resilient prosperity. He reveals: 1) the community / regional revitalization process; and 2) how to position their career or organization within that process. As Executive Director of RECONOMICS Institute: The Society of Revitalization & Resilience Professionals, Storm helps ensure that communities worldwide have certified Revitalization & Resilience Facilitators (RE Facilitators). Look for the “RE” after their names. As editor of REVITALIZATION: The Journal of Economic & Environmental Resilience, Storm tracks the latest trends and techniques in urban/rural regeneration, natural resource restoration, and resilience worldwide. As a speaker and workshop leader, his specialty is inspiring all stakeholders to effectively engage in the process of local revitalization. Everywhere one turns these days, “re” words appear. Urban regeneration. Regenerative agriculture. Regenerative economies. Coastal resilience. Fishery/reef restoration. Watershed restoration. Economic revitalization. Infrastructure renewal. Historic renovation/reuse. Ecological restoration, etc. Many consider Storm to be a major catalyst in that recent acceleration of the global “re” trend. He started writing The Restoration Economy (Berrett-Koehler, 2002) in 1996, and has been lecturing on the subject ever since. Storm has been called “the world’s thought leader on community revitalization and natural resource restoration” by George L. Ochs, Managing Director, Global Real Assets, JP Morgan. Ochs calls Cunningham’s 2008 book, reWealth (McGraw-Hill): “The secret weapon…for economic recovery at both local and global scales.” RECONOMICS: A Brief Intro. Reconomics = economics + regeneration, linked by process. “The RECONOMICS Process raises the bar for community and regional revitalization. It’s a powerful package, succinctly capturing the process we have doggedly tried to identify over time, not always knowing the next step. The RECONOMICS Process brings a holistic dimension to redevelopment, inextricably linking vision and task.“ – ERIC BONHAM, P.Eng, Board of Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia; former Director, BC Ministry of Environment; former Director, BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs. About 95% of recovery, revitalization and/or resilience efforts fail. Most places—probably yours—have a long history of visions, plans, charrettes, summits and political promises related to creating a better future…a better future that never arrived. The surest way for a place to lose residents, employers and real estate investors is to reduce confidence in the local future. The surest way for a place to attract residents, employers and real estate investors is to increase confidence in the local future. The surest way to increase confidence in the local future is to add the RECONOMICS Process to your next redevelopment, revitalization or resilience project. It costs nothing to do so.

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