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Shane Flemens - Conviction! - prisoners in the Correctional System United States

Episode Summary

“It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.“ -Nelson Mandela Like 2.2MM other prisoners in the Correctional System United States, Shane Flemens was one of the “lowest citizens” in America. But he chose to pick himself up and fight through a brutal, unforgiving, and dysfunctional prison system that breaks most who enter. Since his release in 2015, Shane’s story of faith, survival, and personal growth inspires all who read this account of a gut-wrenching transformational time in his life. It is only when you realize that life is taking you nowhere that it begins to have meaning. -Shane Flemens In 2008, Shane Flemens was convicted of assault in the first degree in Kodiak, Alaska. He was sentenced to nineteen years in prison, with nine years suspended. He spent nearly a decade in numerous correctional facilities in Alaska and Colorado. In his first book, CONVICTION, Shane shares revealing, sometimes shocking, but always insightful true stories from his time behind bars. Told straight from the heart by arguably one of the most resilient and inspirational inmates the U.S. correctional system has ever seen. CONVICTION shows the power of humanity and love to permeate even the darkest corners of a system designed to punish, not rehabilitate. DEEP CONVICTION, a follow-up to Shane’s first life-changing book CONVICTION, is a deeper dive into his amazing journey through a complicated, and often dysfunctional correctional system. DEEP CONVICTION contains many more true accounts of the people with whom he lived inside the cold, dark walls of several Alaskan prisons. Shane revisits his early days fishing in Alaska and provides perspective on what lead up to the fateful day on a fishing boat in Kodiak, Alaska that changed his life forever.

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