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Scott Howard - Explorer of the Mind and Real Matrix

Episode Summary

Scott Howard’s journey has been chronicled by alternative moments of pain, loss, hope, and triumph, beginning with the tragic death of his best friend and son, Maxx. Shortly after experiencing this unimaginable loss, Scott spent countless weeks in his music studio, cathartically winning back his heartfelt joy by relating his experience and overall awakening in his 2018 album Ascended Man. A true explorer of the mind and real matrix, Scott’s time is spent meditating and chronicling through his music and photography his transcendence of spirit from 3D into the 5D realm of worlds within worlds where “as above so below” takes on a whole new meaning. His new, all-encompassing project, The Language of Clouds in 432 Hz introduces audiences to a transfixion of the senses through a visual and musical interpretation where past, present, and future collide and lead to the understanding of the hidden “Language of Clouds." "My awakening 5 years ago began when I purchased a Nikon P900 camera. I started noticing that what I was seeing with my natural eyes did not match up to what I was seeing through the camera lens. The clouds were too perfect, formed in shapes like boxes, rectangles, triangles - they all looked very obvious to me like fairies, animals, buildings, a whole higher 5D world. The photos are mesmerizing but quite illuminating. Nothing is what it seems." - Scott Howard

Episode Notes

NOTE: Scott makes a claim about Nazis being responsible for 440Hz becoming standard. That claim has be debunked pretty thoroughly.
See What Adam Neely says about 432Hz


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