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Richard Stone - Story Intelligence - What It Means To Be Human

Episode Summary

Richard Stone is a nationally-recognized speaker and author whose new book, Story Intelligence (March 2021), is a transformative look at what it means to be human. Story Intelligence—SQ—assists you to become a master of your story, a pursuit indispensable to personal and professional success. By developing your SQ you’ll amplify and unleash every aspect of your intelligence, including your IQ and EQ. In this book you’ll also learn how you’re wired for story and the ways it can set a positive trajectory for every facet of your life journey. Developing this level of mastery is imperative today because four in ten Americans have not discovered a satisfying life purpose and nearly a quarter of us—about one hundred million people—do not have a strong sense of what makes their lives meaningful. We need more than ever ritual fires where we can gather to create new stories that transcend the old metanarratives that no longer enrich and satisfy the yearnings of our hearts and souls. Story is a potent medicine that can re-enchant our lives. By re-storying ourselves, consciously building it into everyday living, we can make space to better hear ourselves, to listen more deeply to each other, as well as discern the tales the earth is quietly whispering in our ears. Hopefully, Story Intelligence will help you stoke a new kind of fire, assisting you to illuminate what the Japanese call “ikigai”—translated loosely as “that which most makes one’s life seem worth living.” Through mastering story, we believe you can build a more durable source of meaning and personal fulfillment, as well as have a wider impact for the good in your community and the world. For more than 25 years, Richard has been an expert on the power of storytelling and its applications in business, healthcare, and education. He has worked with diverse organizations and Fortune 500 companies and has delivered talks and workshops all over the United States, including the UN’s Regional Centres of Expertise. In his new video series, Explorations, he talks to leading thinkers about the power of Story Intelligence. In this book you’ll also learn how to: · Harness the power of story to live with greater efficacy. · Become a more powerful communicator. · Solve difficult challenges using story-based solutions. · Transform your workplace and community. · Heal old wounds, change dysfunctional beliefs, and bridge differences by resolving deeply seated conflicts. · Acquire the narrative tools to craft a more desirable future.

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