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Rhadia Gleis - Life In A Cult!

Episode Summary

Radhia Gleis is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CCN, MEd. biochemical analyst, and educator for over 33 years. She spent twenty-five years of her adult life in a cult, under the influence of a narcissistic sociopath. In her new book, The Followers, she outlines her journey and shares with her readers why she made the choices she made in her life, which now offer her a unique view on why others make their choices. Radhia’s personal story and comprehensive knowledge along with her authentic, and unfiltered humorous style presents a compelling portrayal of both the political and cultural dynamics of group-think and mind control. Talking Points: How a well-educated person finds themselves under the control of a narcissist or sociopath Cults, groupthink and mind control How an charismatic leader can manipulate a populace Three types of people who join cults The search for a higher truth Zealots The power of words and/or the influence of the media

Episode Notes