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Publish & Market That Book! - Judy M. Baker

Episode Summary

Book Marketing Mentor Judy M. Baker helps business authors get more bang for their book, turning content into cash long after a book launch. After conquering cancer in 2014, she became an author advocate and self-publishing evangelist. Her memoir/guidebook will be published in 2022. Her workshops and one-to-one mentoring have inspired hundreds of authors to build awareness about themselves, their books, and their businesses. Judy embodies how small, strategic action steps build your audience, get attention, grow connections, and help sell more books and services. Reflect, Reboot, and cultivating Resilience are her guiding principles. I offer a free laser session for authors. In 30 minutes, we will look at where you are now with your book and author presence. We will explore the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. You'll leave with a clear plan of action and clarity about your path to profits.

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