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Out-of-Body Travel - Marilynn Hughes

Episode Summary

Marilynn Hughes founded 'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation' in 2003 (Mission: Reduce Spiritual and Physical Hunger Worldwide). Marilynn has written 104 books, 40 magazines and 18 CD's on Out of Body Travel and Comparative Religious Mysticism. These Out of Body Travel books, along with accompanying music and art, are all available for free download. Marilynn has experienced, researched, written and taught about Out of Body Travel, Experiences and Mysticism since 1987 and has appeared on innumerable radio and television programs to discuss her thousands of out of body experiences. Marilynn Hughes is the author of the first and only English Language Encyclopedia of Ancient Sacred Texts, 'The Voice of the Prophets: Wisdom of the Ages.' She was featured in the documentary film, 'The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary' which featured her out of body experiences in relation to spiritual warfare and has been viewed by well over half a million people. Her out of body travel work was also featured in 'The Grand Phases of the Soul' which outlined the purification journey as discussed in her book 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out of Body Travel and Mysticism'.and premiered at 'The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution, London, Online'. Marilynn's work continues to be featured in many new documentaries including 'The Stairway from Earth to Heaven: Ancient Sacred Texts,' and a variety of classes with Mysteries Productions and Producer, Brian Mahlum. Marilynn's out of body travel work has been in 'The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World,' by Constance Victoria Briggs. Her Out-of-Body Expereinces to Other Planets were featured in 'Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness,' by Dr. Thomas Streicher. Marilynn has been the subject of several Out of Body Travel Research Studies.. KC Armstrong, Former Producer of the Howard Stern Show, named Marilynn as one of thirteen 'Simply Amazing Women' in his July 2020 book because of her Out of Body Travel Experiences and the work of 'The Out of Body Travel Foundation'.Marilynn Hughes spent two years as a 'Mystical and Out of Body Travel Consultant' on the original board of 'The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Experiences.' Marilynn Hughes and Dr. Rudy Schild, Professor Emeritus Astrophysics Harvard, co-authored a chapter ('The Science for Moral Law' - Out of Body Travel and Astrophysics in Unison) which is included in Volume III of 'The Change.' Marilynn joins James Van Praagh on the board for 'The Afterlife Uncovered', a Television Project under Producer, Edward White.

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