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Numbskull in the Theatre of Inquiry - Dr. William R. Torbert

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About The Author: Bill Torbert is Leadership Professor Emeritus at Boston College and serves on the Boards of the Amara Collaboration and of Global Leadership Associates (home of the Global Leadership Profile). Torbert received his BA and PhD from Yale, played leadership roles at Yale Upward Bound and The Theatre of Inquiry, later served as Graduate Dean at Boston College (where the MBA rose from below the top 100 to the top 25 during his tenure) and as Director of the PhD program in Organizational Transformation. He consulted and served as a board member at dozens of companies, and is the author of a dozen books including the award-winning Managing the Corporate Dream, award-finalist The Power of Balance: Transforming Self, Society, and Scientific Inquiry, and Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership, translated into Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. Of his nearly 100 journal articles and book chapters, the best-known is his 2005 international-award-winning, Harvard Business Review article “Seven Transformations of Leadership” (co-authored with David Rooke). Partnering first with Susann Cook-Greuter and later with Elaine Herdman-Barker, he has transformed the Washington University Sentence Completion Test into the leadership development psychometric named the Global Leadership Profile. He currently serves as a founding board member of both Global Leadership Associates and Amara Collaboration and is a leadership professor emeritus at Boston College. In recent years, he has received a number of recognitions for his life work, including the Ulmer Applied Research Award from the Center for Creative Leadership in 2013 and the Argyris Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Management in 2014. In this very deliberately crafted memoir, Dr. Bill Torbert goes directly into his teaching roots. Even as he speaks of his own experiences, he peppers in the issues of the day, and how society can indeed awaken to the deeper meaning of itself, one individual at a time. As it is in many cases, you simply have to know where to look, and within the pages of Numbskull in the Theatre of Inquiry: Transforming Self, Friends, Organizations, and Social Science [Waterside Productions - ISBN: 1951805410 $19.95] the audience will find exactly that. Indeed, every facet of humanity from purpose and inquiry, to play and love, are touched on with as much thought, as care.

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