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Meet The Author - Vito Altavilla - It Began In Brooklyn

Episode Summary

Author Vito Altavilla Writes Humorous Book About His Life in New York. Everyone knows that New York is a special place. For author Vito Altavilla, Brooklyn was the place. So much so that he decided to write a book about it! It didn’t begin as a book but started out as humorous and memorable stories that Vito would share with his friends at their weekly get-togethers. After a friend suggested he write a book about it all, one thing led to another, and his book, “It Began In Brooklyn” came to life. The book is a fun and easy read that is a recollection of real-life experiences throughout Vito’s life from Catholic school, childhood friendships, family traditions, military service, and the joy of community. Vito’s hope is that the book will take readers back to simpler slower-paced lives. One thing is for certain, the book will put a smile on the reader’s face that won’t soon fade. Vito Altavilla was born in Brooklyn, New York. He became an industrial researcher that participated in many technological breakthroughs. Now he is turning the page to the next chapter in his life, that as an author. He has also begun writing a screenplay that follows the book. We were able to catch up with Vito for this exclusive interview.

Episode Notes

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For more information on Vito please visit http://itbeganinbrooklyn.com

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