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Meet The Author - Tia Graham - Be a Happy Leader

Episode Summary

Be a Happy Leader inspires readers to prioritize and elevate their personal happiness and create lasting career success through an easy-to-follow, 8-step methodology. Be a Happy Leader teaches leaders to lead positively, put their people first, and create engaged teams which lead to higher productivity and profit. It shows the reader how to be the type of boss that people want to work for―forever. It motivates leaders to make their personal well-being a top priority and shows them how to be both positive and successful in their organization. Tia Graham has implemented happiness and business strategies directly with teams in corporate America and Europe for 14 years. There is an urgent need for a book about creating happier leaders written by someone who is both a happiness expert and a leader of teams in the corporate world. Be a Happy Leader addresses challenges of overwhelm and stress, finding consistent joy, keeping their team productive and motivated weekly, and achieving their business goals. In an interview Tia will discuss these topics and others: · The science of happiness for your personal life, parenting, and work · The cost of unhappiness and stress · Why leadership requires happiness · How technology, globalization, and high-stress levels affect happiness. · Whether leadership success breeds happiness or the need for happiness breeds leadership success · Whether happy employees tie to satisfied customers · How happy salespeople are different · How her life journey has been affected by happiness Tia Graham is the Founder of Arrive At Happy (aah!), a Certified Chief Happiness Officer, and has worked with dozens of global companies such as Goldman Sachs, Four Seasons, and Kashi to elevate engagement, sales, and drive bottom line results. With multiple certifications in neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership coaching, and employee morale she supports executives and teams through advising and experiential events. Prior to running aah!, Tia led sales and marketing teams at luxury hotels in the United States and Turkey for brands such as W Hotels, Westin, and The London. She is widely regarded by the corporate happiness community and is a speaker at the annual World Happiness Summit. Her insights have been featured in national publications like Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Los Angeles Times, Well + Good, and Yoga Journal. Tia resides in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Episode Notes

Connect with Tia on her website https://www.arriveathappy.com and get social