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Meet The Author - Shannon Ezzo - Battered Blessings: Surviving My Abusive, Toxic Relationship,

Episode Summary

Shannon Ezzo, an author whose debut memoir, "Battered Blessings: Surviving My Abusive, Toxic Relationship," is a memoir that chronicles Shannon Ezzo's battle with domestic violence and how she found the courage to SPEAK her truth and leave an abusive relationship. Having survived an abusive relationship, Shannon Ezzo understands the importance of sharing her story. She aims to empower others that have lived or are living in similar situations. With the times we are living in and domestic violence becoming a more common occurrence she is also hoping to spread awareness on the subject. Safe Word-Have a safe word or phrase. Example: Make up a safe word that you can use with friends & family so that they know you need immediate help and to call 911. Pictures-Document EVERYTHING! Example: Take pictures, if you can, of what is happening to you and the aftermath. Keep a journal or text record as evidence and keep it with a trusted friend or family member who can make sure it is kept safe. Escape-plan a safe escape. Example: Tell someone close to you that won't escalate the situation but will also help you plan a safe escape. Abuser-Don't reveal anything to your abuser. Example: Homicides due to domestic violence typically occur AFTER the victim has left. Staying silent and safe during this time is extremely important! Knowledge-Gain Knowledge from professionals. Example: Contact a domestic violence agency. They are well equipped to help you plan and guide you out of your situation safely.

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