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Meet The Author - Sara Zeff Geber - Raising Awareness of Solo Aging

Episode Summary

PBS’ Next Avenue named me an “influencer in aging” last year. My passionate pursuit of recognition for people aging alone led me to write my book, Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers. It was published in 2018 by Mango Press. I am knowledgeable about many areas of retirement and aging and am a veteran podcast guest. I also do a lot of public speaking, so I am quite comfortable fielding questions and having a good time with my audience. I love to talk about what it means to get older and the many ways people today are approaching this bonus phase of life that most of our parents never had. My specialty area is Solo Agers (people who have no adult children to rely on or are aging alone for other reasons). Lately I have been doing a lot of speaking and writing on ways people who live alone can stay connected and social while they shelter in place. I have written several blog posts about it in my Forbes.com column.

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