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Meet The Author - Michael Overlie - Let Your Dog Lead

Episode Summary

Michael Overlie has been able to deeply connect with animals since he was a small child. Now, as an author, coach, and happiness guide, he shares what is possible for others. His mission is to help men create a life of purpose through the teachings and love of their dogs. What is calling you? Do you hear it? Your soul is pulling you, drawing you towards your purpose. Are you ready to move? Get unstuck? There are things you have noticed but didn’t realize what they meant. Whispers. A tap on the shoulder but no one standing there. You sensed something. It is time. It is time to remember who you are. It is time to do something amazing. It is time to listen to your dog. Your dog was brought to you for more than just comfort, more than just a buddy. Your dog was brought to help you notice, help you awaken. Your dog found you to help you create something. Something fantastic! Grab the leash and get ready!

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