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Meet The Author - Michael Brian - Being Visible

Episode Summary

Michael always felt like he was “the worst in the room” being introverted and having two health conditions. He never felt he fit in anywhere. When he went out into the big, wide world, he realised just how “different” he was but he suddenly felt this pull to live on his terms and without any regrets. Almost like he’d been released from the “system” and chose to do whatever he wanted. In theory Michael may not have even been here to share his journey or story with you, at 2 months old Michaels parents were given a choice that parents never want to have to be given, that choice was whether to fight for their son and his future or not. Michael was born with and diagnosed with a degenerative life long condition, Cystic Fibrosis. Thankfully Michaels parents decided they were not going to give up on their son, but life wasn’t easy. Growing up Michael often felt different, left out and alone. His High School experiences didn’t help matters, bullied for looking different, being different , Michael retreated and blended into the background in the hope it would all stop and he could at least survive his way through school. He did survive, but not without picking up scars along the way, Michael went to college and graduated University with a coaching degree. Michael knew he wanted more from life but didn’t know what that looked like. Michael went from personal training to tennis coaching, to qualifying as a life/business coach, constantly in a pursuit to finding his “thing”. Eventually Michael realised that what he really wanted to do with his life was staring at him right in the face, he loved helping people, inspiring them, hence the coaching path but he wanted to do it on a bigger scale, make bigger impact and he also knew that involved changing his own life.

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