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Meet The Author - Mary Elizabeth Jackson - Poohlicious

Episode Summary

Mary Elizabeth Jackson is the 2017 Gold Maxy award-winning author of the children's book series Perfectly Precious Poohlicious and Poohlicious Look at Me, (Tuscany Bay Books), the third book releasing June 2, 2021, Poohlicious Oh the Wonder of Me, (Tuscany Bay Books). Cheers from Heaven, a mid-grade reader releases in 2021, (Tuscany Bay Books), with co-writer Thornton Cline. Jackson focuses on writing empowering books for kids and is working on an eight-book series with Cline for children as well as books for the special need's community and a motivational book for adults. Jackson is also a ghostwriter, book collaborator and the voice for the Sports2gether App. Jackson is the co- founder and co- hosts of Writers Corner Live TV Show and Special Needs TV Shows on Amazon Live, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Writers Corner Live features author interviews from debut authors to New York Times bestsellers and everything about writing all the way to getting published. Special Needs TV features interviews and resources for parents, families, and caregivers. Jackson is an ambassador advocate for AutismTn. Mrs. Jackson has been featured and interviewed on national and international radio shows including Sirius XM and iheart radio as well as numerous Podcasts and TV shows. Jackson is starting a YouTube channel and an Amazon Live show dedicated to children's book reviews with her son who inspired her series, and an education show for kids of all needs. Mrs. Jackson is a very busy mom and wife. She loves nature, being creative, anything funny, and inspiring others to believe in themselves. She lives with her hubby, three kids, and dog in the Nashville area. -Cherish every moment of life. Thornton Cline wrote the 10 beautiful songs for Perfectly Precious Poohlicious. and Alice Antimie is the illustrator. Cd can be purchased at https://squareup.com/store/thorton-cline. Cd can now be purchased on cd baby, itunes , spotify and anywhere music streams. Mrs. Jackson can be found on Tuesdays at 10:30-11:00 am central co-hosting Writers Corner Live TV Show on Amazon Live and Facebook. Book three in the Poohlicious series is carrying on the tradition of seeing the wonderfulness in each child. Oh, the Wonder of Me, shares both the funny parts of children and the things that make them different, teaching them that they are okay no matter what. Having different shaped ears, hair that won't behave, and doing things in their own style is what childhood is full of. Join us with your Poohlicious, as we journey through the funny and sometimes awkward parts of childhood while learning empowering, I AM statements to carry with them as they grow. Wonderful for ages four through seven/eight. Let's get them started early on a road to self-belief and empowerment.

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