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Meet The Author - Mark Alsip

Episode Summary

I am a former Young Earth Creationist (YEC) indoctrinated into religious fundamentalism at age 6. I struggled with the conflicts between YEC science denial and my love of science for decades. I eventually left the church in favor of science and reason. I have written skeptical science articles for publications such as Forbes, Skeptical Inquirer, and the National Center for Science Education. My second book (first solo), "Journey to Reason," debuts April 15 on Amazon. Journey to Reason explores fundamentalist indoctrination and links it firmly to issues causing division in our country today: book bans, anti-LGBTQ laws, racism, science denial (e.g. a 6,000 year old Earth, dinosaurs walking with humans, vaccine misinformation, climate change denial), and denial of women's access to reproductive care. I have previously and/or am currently battling several related issues in my state of Kentucky, including a proposed constitutional amendment to require taxpayer-funded private religious schools, and a state-sponsored "Faith Trail" that pushes single-faith commercial religious attractions such as the infamous Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

Episode Notes