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Meet The Author - Julia Sullivan - Bone Necklace

Episode Summary

Julia Sullivan started working on Bone Necklace more than twenty years ago, after visiting the Big Hole Battlefield in Wisdom, Montana. Julia first became interested in the Nez Perce story because of the great injustice that the tribe suffered. What kept her interested was their conduct during the war. While under attack, the Nez Perce won the respect of a society in which prominent members were unapologetic racists. At the end of the war, Canada offered them political asylum. Julia is a lawyer in the United States and a solicitor in England & Wales. Throughout her career, she has worked to expose and root out injustice. Julia lives with her husband in Annapolis, Maryland and Hamilton, Montana. Julia Sullivan's upcoming debut Bone Necklace, a historical novel about the Nez Perce War of 1877 as told through multiple fictional perspectives. After taking an interest in the history of the Nez Perce War while visiting the Big Hole Battlefield in Wisdom, MT, former attorney Julia Sullivan spent 21 years researching, drafting, and editing what would eventually become Bone Necklace. Her research and preparation for the book even led her to the Library of Congress and the National Archives. "The war was in its origin and motive nothing short of a gigantic blunder and a crime," (The New York Times, ca. 1877). You can read about how the Nez Perce War broke out, and Sullivan's writing process in an interview she recently conducted with Writer's Life Magazine. Over the course of Sullivan's law career, she represented inmates on death row, undocumented immigrants, and victims of domestic and elder abuse. She provided countless hours of pro bono work as Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of MAIP (Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project). She couldn't help but notice how justice seemed to only be afforded to corporations or the very wealthy – while lower-income individuals frequently had their entire lives destroyed by a system meant to treat everyone fairly. The throughline between Sullivan's work as an attorney and her expertise on the Nez Perce War, as expressed in her upcoming novel, is her passion for justice. You can learn more about Julia Sullivan, her career, and her writing here.

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