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Meet The Author - Gary Paul Corcoran - SOUTH ON PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY

Episode Summary

The product of an Irish/Italian family, Mr. Corcoran was transplanted as a boy from the clapboard New England of his youth to the cookie cutter, stucco subdivisions that began to litter the disappearing ranches and orange groves south of Los Angeles in the 1960s. True to his rebellious nature and the folk music/coffee house idealism that helped shape his early worldview, Mr. Corcoran chose to resist the Vietnam War, was a man without a country for several years as the result and can count incarceration in a Mexican prison as one of his many colorful experiences during that era. Having pursued a love of reading and writing in various forms all his life, Mr. Corcoran finally took this passion seriously around the turn of the millennium and has dedicated the remainder of his days to authorship. The author of six previous novels, Mr. Corcoran has always loved good mystery novels, especially good crime books and decided to write a few crime fiction books of his own. Otherwise, as the result of his rough and tumble experiences in life and his undying love for the fairer sex, adventure romance would best describe the character of Mr. Corcoran’s other soon to be published work. Mr. Corcoran recently returned to the New England of his youth and now resides on the coast of Rhode Island.

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