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Meet The Author - Emma Palova - "Greenwich Meridian Memoir”

Episode Summary

"Greenwich Meridian Memoir”, a new memoir by Lowell, Mi. author, Emma Palova, is an epic story of emigration from former Czechoslovakia to the U.S. spanning two generations. The main characters are her parents, Ella and Vaclav Konecny, who suffered in the aftermath of the 1968 Prague Spring movement led by Alexander Dubcek. Her first book, “Shifting Sands: Short Stories” are stories based in the fictive Midwest town of Riddleyville. Palova was born in former Czechoslovakia. She is a Lowell Michigan-based author now and is very excited to share her memoir with readers. In addition to being a novelist, Palova is a screenwriter and journalist who has written for a number of publications, including Czechoslovak Newsweek, Prague Reporter, and Lowell Ledger!

Episode Notes

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