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Meet The Author: Elliot Mason - The Arlington Orders - Historical Fiction

Episode Summary

Elliot Mason is a historical fiction author best-known for his debut novel The Arlington Orders which follows Des and Madison in the present on a thrilling adventure as the pair race against the clock to uncover lost confederate treasure from the Dahlgren Affair, an incident that took place during the American Civil War. When considering the themes he wanted to explore in his sequel to The Arlington Orders, Mason felt called to address a pervasive issue that plagues the US - the overwhelming power of the Federal Justice System. While conducting research for this second installment, Mason discovered a number of astonishing facts: The Federal Justice System has a 98% conviction rate Federal Prosecutors are given absolute immunity Only 3% of government budgeting is allocated for defense attorneys, while 97% goes to prosecutors Summarily, the entire system is rigged against anyone it deems 'guilty.' And this is particularly concerning, knowing that the average American unknowingly commits three felonies per day. With all of this information in mind, Mason set off on writing The Legal Killer, another exciting, high-stakes adventure for beloved characters Des and Madison. The Legal Killer is slated for release in early Spring, official date forthcoming.

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