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Meet The Author - Doug Lawrence - Gift of Mentoring

Episode Summary

Doug Lawrence is the founder of TalentC® a Human Resources solution provider focused on effective mentoring. Doug is an International Certified Mentor Practitioner (ICMP) and an International Certified Mentor Facilitator (ICMF). He has over 30 years of mentoring and leadership experience in federal, provincial and private sector environments and is recognized as a thought leader in the mentoring space. Doug authored the book entitled, "The Gift of Mentoring". Doug has worked with organizations to establish mentoring programs/mentoring cultures and provides one on one professional mentoring with people at all levels in an organization on an international basis. Doug currently serves on a number of Boards locally and internationally. Doug was instrumental in developing a curriculum to train people on how to become effective mentors. He has also created the International Certification for Mentors in partnership with Acquiros. TalentC's® Accredited Mentor Training Program was recently recognized in the 2016 Leadership Excellence Awards and was ranked in the top 10% in the Top Leadership Partner category at the Awards ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee. Doug's passion is contagious. He is committed to helping organizations and people be successful and has dedicated his life to the mentoring of others.

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