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Meet The Author - Discreetly Yours - Stephen Murray

Episode Summary

Stephen Murray is a Las Vegas author. Praised for his unique writing style and powerful character development skills, his books cross multiple genres and appeals to diverse audiences. Stephen was born in England, a far cry from the Nevada desert he now calls home. At age seven, his family relocated to the southern part of Africa, where he was raised in various countries and attended boarding school. The opportunity to experience other cultures as a child inspired a love of travel in him that eventually led to his love of the written word. In his late teens, he returned to London and spent seven years absorbing as much art, music, culture, and countryside as he could. While living in England, he also seized the opportunity to explore neighboring countries and cultures throughout Europe. In 1976, a job opportunity brought him across the pond to Los Angeles, California. He happily lived there many years, eventually opening his own business. In 2003, Stephen once again was drawn to something new. He left L.A. to escape the congested commutes that became part of his daily life and migrated to Las Vegas, Nevada. He quickly fell in love with the city, its caring communities and kind people. Stephen has visited over 40 countries across 5 continents as an insatiable explorer of the globe. He found he enjoyed the quiet, untouched and less commercialized destinations of the world the most, such as; Bhutan, Machu Picchu, Victoria Falls, and the Galapagos Islands. They provided inspiration and insight that remained with him long after the trips ended. In 2007, he started writing down the stories from his travels as a way to keep a record of all the places he’d visited and the people he’d met. He spent two years capturing his experiences on paper. Through this process he discovered a passion for writing. Stephen continues to add to his first book about travel as he finds new places to explore. In the meantime, he has published several well-regarded books in the genres of mainstream fiction, murder mystery, and crime fiction. His work has earned a variety of awards and accolades by nationally recognized organizations. In addition to being a published author, a public speaker, and an advocate for Alzheimer’s, veterans and homeless causes, Stephen is a partner in a software development and support company, which he originally founded in California in 1982. About Discreetly Yours: CAN THEY MASTERMIND THE PERFECT CRIME? Frankie had it coming. As owner of the most exclusive escort agency in Las Vegas, he had crossed the line more than once with his babes. But this time was the last time, especially for Satin, Ruby and Goldie – his A Team. Could they mastermind the perfect crime to get rid of Frankie? Could it be considered justifiable homicide if they were caught? Or could they actually get away with murder? They were never his to begin with, but if Frankie was out of the picture, they could be….Discreetly Yours.

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