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Meet The Author - Dennis Galloway - The Pen: Sultan's Wisdom

Episode Summary

Growing up with an active and vivid imagination, Dennis began writing stories at the age of 8. As an adult, he has lived and traveled around the world and encountered many cultures through different life experiences. He has honed his life experiences to create exciting fiction and fantasy novels for children and adults, as well as 10 self-help books, documentaries, videos, and a wide range of other media experiences. He is inspired by his dreams, imagination, and personal experiences to create fantasy worlds that can teach readers important life lessons. Dennis is inspired to help people realize how their choices create their future; he believes if people knew they have the power within to make a difference, it would change their lives for the better. “Altogether, The Pen is one of the most entertaining and enlightening books of recent years. It slyly persuades you to think about how Harold’s experiences can be applied to effect positive change in your own life—and best of all, those changes can happen without even needing a magical pen. I highly recommend you invest in the pleasure of reading this book. You may be surprised by the results.” - 5 Star Review by Tyler R. Tichelaar

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