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Meet The Author - Deacon Dawit Muluneh - The Untold History of Ethiopia

Episode Summary

Deacon Dawit Muluneh's highly anticipated second book, Hopeless Romantic: The Untold History of Ethiopia is expected to arrive this winter. For the past few months, Ethiopia has been the subject of many headlines in major western media outlets (AP News, NPR, NYT) because of the civil unrest that has exploded in the region. Deacon Muluneh argues this new division amongst groups within Ethiopia can be traced back to a false historical narrative drafted and deployed by war strategist colonizers. Many in the west do not understand that Ethiopia was once a thriving empire comparable to Rome. Religiously tolerant and technologically advanced, Ethiopia's true history was re-written by fascist colonizers who sought to exploit its valuable resources like gold, platinum, copper, and ivory. How would re-writing Ethiopia's history sow so much discord? Ethiopia's colonizers employed the age-old tactic of divide and conquer. The 'research' of colonizers such as Carlo Conti Rossini and Enrico Cerulli was published, praised, and regarded as truth throughout the world. Sadly, today, their false narrative prevails. Underscoring the interest in the true history of Ethiopia, Hopeless Romantic is the result of a successful IndieGoGo campaign that raised $15,000. You can listen to Deacon Muluneh describe the importance of his upcoming work in this episode of Anonymous Habeshas. Deacon Dawit Muluneh is the author of Hopeless Romantic: The Untold History of Ethiopia, I Need Answers and is a Ph.D. student of Ethiopian and Arabic Studies. He grew up in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Chuch and at age seven, his family immigrated to the US from Ethiopia. Muluneh graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon completing his education at Virginia Tech, he worked at a patent and trademark office for three years. At age 27 he sold his house and car and traveled to a monastery in Ethiopia - Debris Libanos - to learn the traditional teachings of the church. Afterward, he was ordained a deacon in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. After a year and a half, Muluneh returned to the States to join a graduate program at the Catholic University of America, where he currently studies Ethiopian and Arabic Studies. He has been trained in Ge'ez, Arabic, Coptic, and Greek, and is currently preparing to take his Ph.D. comprehension exams. He lives in Washington, DC.

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