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Meet The Author - Blood Money - Chris Riedel - Medical Lab Fraud

Episode Summary

Meet The Author - Blood Money - Chris Riedel - Medical Lab Fraud Chris is one of the top medical whistleblowers ever — and he’s still at it. He owned and was CEO of a highly regarded Northern California lab testing company, Hunter Labs, until he was squeezed out of business by the predatory pricing scheme of the “Blood Brothers,” Quest and LabCorp. Their quid pro quo scheme, which involved loss-leader pricing to doctors and clinics to gain to their exclusive testing business, and then overcharging Medicare and Medi-Cal 20 to 40-fold, has cost taxpayers billions of dollars — and forced higher quality, but smaller labs like Hunter, either to fold or be absorbed by them. The Blood Brothers’ scheme is one of the most nefarious in the medical fraud world that Chris fought to expose. Some would say that Chris is a hero to taxpayers – a whistleblower not only going after medical fraud, but making sure that taxpayers do not get ripped off any further. In all, he and his partners have won cases totaling cases totaling over $550 million, which is what drives this now-retired man.

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