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Meet The Author - Benjamin Feldman.

Episode Summary

Renowned Author Benjamin Feldman Unveils The “Dentist Sheik From The Upper Eastside”. Dive into the riveting world of the French Riviera’s social elite with Benjamin Feldman’s upcoming book, “The Dentist Sheik From The Upper Eastside.” Experience the captivating journey of a unique couple as they ascend the social ladder from the 1920s to the late 1960s, rubbing shoulders with icons like Isadora Duncan and Suzanne Lenglen. The book is meticulously researched and adorned with vivid never before seen imagery and contemporary documents, this creative non-fiction masterpiece unveils both the scandalous and mundane facets of their lives. Renowned New York author and historian Benjamin Feldman's previous books were praised for their engaging stories and historical knowledge. Now, he's excited to share his newest creation with everyone. Targeted at history buffs and scandal aficionados, it promises to transport readers to an era of opulence and intrigue.

Episode Notes

To learn more about Benjamin please visit https://newyorkwanderer.com/about-ben/