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Meet the Author - Andy Alberlan - The AWAKENING Handbook

Episode Summary

Andy Alberlan lives on his 15-acre country home outside of Rochester NY. A labor of love for the past 7 years, the serenity and quiet help fuel the creative juices of storytelling. As a child, he had an interest in writing and creating stories. Now an International Best-selling Author, a licensed Home Inspector, a skilled and experienced Craftsman, Andy actively pursues many interests including woodworking, music, art, and study of the mind. A passion for personal development, learning and joyfully connecting with people while providing clarity and guidance wherever possible, is at the core of his message, which is that life is a wondrous gift and our experiences hold the key to understanding who we are and why we are here in this time and place. Sending out blessings of kindness and Success in life to all.

Episode Notes

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