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Mars As A Girl

Episode Summary

Mars As A Girl, self-described as "comfortcore & disturbstep”, is the culmination of years of hard work and an inability to fit into a cookie cutter pop-punk scene. Born and raised in NYC, Mars always had a passion for music but found it difficult to mesh with people who didn't share her drive and singular vision. The solution was clear: pave her own path and secure her place in the NYC alternative pop scene. Her stage name is derived from Mars, the Roman god of anger, a feminization of a traditionally masculine emotion. Her music marries a distinctly feminine voice with dense production and lyrical content that is rife with confusion, love, pain, lust, pride, and regret. Such bold-faced confessions show a woman unafraid to bear her soul to the masses. Tinged with the melancholy strains of Melanie Martinez and the pop hooks of Halsey, Mars draws inspiration from a wide variety of artists while still maintaining a unique, attention-grabbing sound. She isn't just content with local gigs and selective notoriety - she fully intends to take over the world.

Episode Notes

tumblr: areyoutheregoditsmemars


instagram: m4rs_g1rl