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Margaret Mary O'Connor - Scandal in the Shadows

Episode Summary

Scandal in the Shadows, focuses in on something unbelievably, incredible, which took place in the early History of the Catholic Church, the existence of Mary Priest, otherwise known as Mary Mother of God. Millions of Catholics are unaware of the past presence of Women Apostles, Women Bishops, Women Deacons, and Women Priests, in their Church's History. How could you know, when your own Catholic Church never disclosed the actual truth of this matter to you? Explicitly absent from this book is any type of fabricated conjecture. Instead, its facts are backed up from Biblical research providing you the reader, with the actual truth, rather than the lies and deception you currently receive from your Church hierarchy. To some, ancient controversial knowledge might at first seem Scandalous, but it is there where you will find the Historical Truth of the Women Priest Ordination Issue. Scandal in the Shadows, is written from the perspective of a lay Catholic Woman's realization that she was being lied to about her own Church's past History involving Women Priest's. As the complicity of this centuries old Scandal, continues on she wants her fellow Catholics to learn the actual truth of this matter for themselves. This hands-on-book is meant to be a travel guide tool, to enhance the readers own travel back into the early History of the Catholic Church. You are afforded a journey into a discovery of fascinating proportion, you will be surprised by the thought provoking past History of your own Catholic Church, view your own Church, like you have never before done. Who knew, that the solutions to today's Catholic Church Issues, may very well be solved from utilizing our Church's past History. WHO IS BOOK FOR? Scandal in the Shadows, is geared specifically for the Laity of the Catholic Church. It asks the questions that our Church hierarchy's selective memory, will not answer for you. Their memory issue indeed, leaves all of us with more unanswered questions to deal with. What do we really know? And what has our Church conveniently not been telling us? Where can we find the truth today? Why exactly is it, that our hierarchy will not even acknowledge their own Church's past history? If ever there was a time, where Catholics needed Jesus' honesty, and transparency, now is that time. Why have the Church Fathers not been open and transparent with the Laity of their Church for centuries? So where is the truth to be found? It resides with in the skeletons found in the Church's own closets. With their appearance, History's truth will finally come out of the dark to be seen in the light of day. BY THE TIME YOU FINISH READING SCANDAL IN THE SHADOWS, YOU WILL LEARN:. About Catholic Church History, You Never Knew Existed, A Completely Unknown side of Mary Mother of God, and Why did the Catholic Church remove Mary Priests Title from Her? How will these revelations affect you personally? What might they mean for your future faith life?Isn't it time for you, to see your Church, like you never have seen before?

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