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Lee Tomlinson - Compassion Heals - From Self Care to Health Care

Episode Summary

Lee Tomlinson had a life many would have considered charmed. A successful world-trotting tennis pro, international businessman, marketing genius behind the American Film Institute's 10-year long 100 Greatest Movies CBS TV specials and multi-million-dollar fundraising campaign, major Hollywood film studio owner, loving husband and near scratch golfer. Until the world crashed down, and he was subsequently diagnosed with Stage III+ throat cancer, and subjected to months of life-threatening, debilitating chemo and radiation, and extreme pain--so extreme he could not eat or even swallow. Towards the end of his grueling treatment, while hospitalized for a severe infection, a never-ending stream of insensitive, unkind acts totally lacking in compassion by the hospital staff, sent Lee into an abyss of emotional despair that made him choose suicide over life. Fortunately, another doctor, a dear friend, stopped him by deeply apologizing on behalf of a healthcare system that had failed to provide him-and so many others, with even a hint of compassion. And with one simple suggestion--inspired Lee to use his gifts as a speaker, customer service expert and leader to restore compassion to healthcare--not only for patients, but also for all the overworked, under-supported, burned-out healthcare professionals who've literally lost the ability to provide the compassion that got them into medicine in the first place.

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