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Large, Medium Or Small? What am I, psychic? Tracey Escobar

Episode Summary

Tracey Escobar is an advanced certified Psychic Medium with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. She has completed several rigorous programs with 3rd party testing as to the accuracy of her connections. She has attended the world-renowned Arthur Findley College in England several times to develop her gifts, and privately mentored with Colby Rebel. Tracey works with clients internationally from her home base in Dallas Texas. Tracey does private sessions, group events, and helps others develop their own spiritual gifts. Tracey is the author and creator of Messages from Above, a spirit guided oracle deck that helps you connect to your loved ones in spirit as well as her new book YOU CAN BE A MEDIUM, how a red couch led me to mediumship and turned my pain into purpose! Tracey has been featured in Voyage Dallas and is a host of the popular podcast Metaphysical Happy Hour.

Episode Notes