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Kristen Becker - Good Deeds - Dirty Jokes - Comedy and Activism

Episode Summary

Buffalo born, Louisiana raised comedian/producer turned activist Kristen Becker’s comedy has often been described a “bawdy sense of reality, served with a slice of southern charm”. Touted Buffalo's "Queen of Comedy" her rein in the city included founding the "Doin' Time comedy" open mic at Nietzsche's which led to her courting the owners (and serving as inaugural GM) of Helium comedy club into opening their Buffalo location in 2012 Becker left the queen city once the club was up and running to return to the stage. In 2015, She founded her "Loosen the Bible Belt" tour with Pastor Jay Bakker (yes, he is Tammy Faye's son). Bakker and Becker tour the deep South offering a unifying voice to the discussion of religion and the LGBTQ community. In 2016, Becker founded her Summer of Sass program (SoS), which is a summer work program for LGBTQ young adults. Queer applicants from all over the country apply to live and work in Provincetown mass, a well established haven for the community.

Episode Notes

More info at summerofsass.com

In 2019, Becker presents LEZBIANATI,

a home on the internet for badass, benevolent bitches.



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