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Kelly Edwards - The Business Shower Event's

Episode Summary

Kelly Edwards is an Entrepreneur & Owner of several businesses. Kelly started her first business in 2006, Original Not Equal (O.N.E.) A talent management company with a mission to bring quality talent back to the industry. In providing guidance and knowledge to an assortment of talents. Sadly in 2013, Kelly made the decision to closed down the business and pursue a passion in Social Work. After working in the Social Services industry for 7 years. She then took her passion for helping others and created and The Business Shower Events to motivate fellow entrepreneurs. This series of events is for all entrepreneurs who own a business and want to network amongst other business-oriented individuals. With a strong foundation as a business owner, she decided it was her turn to give back. Kelly is a firm believer in giving back to her community & being an advocate for both men and women in business. Kelly’s goal is to use her platform to empower others to chase their dreams and create successful companies.

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