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Justin Janoson - I’m not a neurotypical filmmaker

Episode Summary

Justin Janoson is a young, independent filmmaker with ADHD who has created his own production company, Puzzle Piece Studios. Puzzle Piece Studios is a production company that employs neurodiverse people to tell stories they think are worth telling. He has created his own sketch show, The Janoshow, and short films like The Break, A Typical First I Love You, Dreamers, and Idiot Friendz. Currently he is producing a pilot called What's the Rule? What's the Rule is about a teenage girl named Sam who has ADHD and her autistic brother, Jack, as they navigate the world and try to find their place within it. He was inspired to tell this story because he feels there has been a dearth of shows and movies about people with ADHD and people on the Autism spectrum that accurately portrays what it's like to live with ADHD and autism. He is hoping to change that with his show. He has currently set up an Indiegogo campaign and is looking to film in the summer.

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