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Joanna Pohorski - The Ultimate Accountability Checklist

Episode Summary

Joanna's Facebook Community is for entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches and consultants who want to leverage accountability and mindset to grow their businesses faster. Whether there is not enough time or support, too many distractions or challenges you are facing, we can all achieve more when we support and constructively challenge each other. I am also sharing business, accountability and mindset strategies which have helped hundreds of people I have worked with over the years. What you can expect: Monday: Monday Mindset - What's yours? Tuesday: Accountability - What's your challenge? Wednesday: Business - Tips that help with business, accountability or mindset Thursday: Welcome to New Members! - Please introduce yourself and your business Friday: Celebrate - Your success of the week Saturday: Promo day - promote your business or your service The Ultimate Accountability Checklist 3 easy and proven ways how established Consultants, Coaches and Content creators can INSTANTLY boost their results. Without spending any money or having to do something that doesn’t work for them. The vision for the future of the business is to introduce Coaching and Mentoring for the Growth Mindset to the academic curriculum to positively impact the lives of thousands of people. "I have 20 years of corporate experience across a range of industries, having worked as a management consultant with many multinationals and more recently led the £60m UK business for a global engineering company. During that time I also coached and mentored dozens of individuals, from Board level directors to frontline staff. In addition, I have been a landlord for 10 years and have completed several successful refurbishments and flips. I am combining my experience in property investing and that of a coach and mentor to support those who either don’t know whether property investment is for them or might be accidental landlords who are looking to turn their investment into a business and eventually become financially free."

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