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Jeffrey J Scott - Independent Filmmaking

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Jeff retired and took up acting and voice-over work a few years ago.He has done background as well as stand in work and I am a member of SAG-AFTRA. "What can I say, I Love Acting ! I have portrayed many roles in Independent and student films which include the lead role as a father, a featured role as a doctor and a homeless person. I also performed voice-over work as well as acted in a School of Visual Arts student commercial. My goal is to work in (but not limiting myself to) TV shows, commercials and movies as a character actor. Genres that I would love to work are Westerns, Sci-Fi, Horror/Slasher and Comedy films. I would like to expand my expertise in voice-overs for Commercials and Animated Films. I am easy to work with and I am on time or early for call times. I commit myself to the role I am portraying. One of the advantages to being retired is that I am pretty much available for auditions at anytime. This year (2018) I've Written, Produced and Directed 3 Independent films. One Short Documentary title A Past Life and two features. A crime drama titled The PC and a horror film titled Loveland. The PC is currently on Amazon Prime Video and Loveland is soon to follow. A Past Life is still not available to view as it is being submitted to film festivals but all three have IMDb pages." -Jeff Scott

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