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Jeff Zigman - Skill Builder - Scaleable Teaching

Episode Summary

Jeff Zigman has been a tech entrepreneur for 9 years, working professionally as a Business Analyst and a Software Engineer, designing software, leading and directing teams, and taking more than 25 software products from the “Idea Phase” to the market, often either in a role of Chief Technology Officer or a Director of Software Development. His new teaching platform, Skill Builder, is geared around Scalable Teaching in a story-driven way that I’ve developed based on both an engineering degree but more importantly 12 years teaching martial arts and seeing how people learn and absorb information more effectively. When people learn the right way, it’s possible to absorb new skills in hours that would otherwise take months or years. Jeff has spoken to more than 100 experts in different domains, with about 20 that I’m actively working with on putting out live scalable teaching workshops. He's applying the principle and scalability of software to online teaching so that it’s as easy to teach 1,000,000 people as it is to teach 10.

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