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Jack Pot - Inside The Cannabis Industry

Episode Summary

Jack Pot has spent the last 10 plus years in the professional cannabis industry. He is a patient as well as a very passionate activist . He has worked in every area of the industry from propagation and cultivation all the way through harvest processing trimming packaging operations and logistics and into dispensary management as well as patient and vendor relations. Jack is a D.O.P.E award recipient and I’m currently hosting a network podcast focused on mental health issues and cannabis use. His main goals are to help her other patients connect with the proper medications and achieve a healthy life balance with aspirations of one day owning or operating my own dispensary. KRONIC INSOMNIA TAKES AN INTIMATE LOOK AT THE OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD WORLD OF MENTAL DISORDERS BY GIVING A VOICE TO THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND ALL TOO WELL JUST WHAT IT IS TO LIVE WITH THEM & THE IMPACT THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY HAS MADE ON AN ISSUE THAT AFFECTS ALMOST 1/2 OF AMERICANS 18 & UP AND 1 IN 4 PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! INTERVIEWS WITH ANYONE FROM MEDICAL & INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS, SERVICE MEMBERS, PATIENTS, LEGISLATORS AND EVEN YOU! SO TUNE IN, TOKE UP AND THINK ABOUT IT!

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