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I Am Not Your Black, America! - MeShorn Daniels

Episode Summary

In our world, labels are everywhere. Labels define us, others, and things around us. But how do these labels affect how we view ourselves and others? Author MeShorn Daniels challenges this idea in his debut book. Through this story, Daniels, who goes by the moniker "Uncle Meshorn," debunks every label by which he and others have been branded. His mission is to create a paradigm shift in America away from color and labels towards accepting all humankind. To achieve this goal, Daniels offers three tips for his readers: Unlearn to Relearn: Unlearn everything you think you thought you knew. We must get away from the N-word. God Be With Us. Every life is created by God. As a former US Army officer turned surgical technologist, MeShorn Daniels has a unique perspective on life. He currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky and has turned his attention to writing.

Episode Notes