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Human Sustainability - Tony Wall

Episode Summary

About Tony Wall Anthony Wall is the founder and president of Noēsis, a non-profit dedicated to issues of human sustainability, to examine evolutionary influence upon modern behavior, and to one day free humankind from the churn of perpetual conflict. Wall, who comes from a family of nine, graduated from the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. He then moved on to Chicago, where he graduated from Lake Forest College. Wall credits his Liberal Arts education as the catalyst for his ongoing interest in existential philosophy. He spent two decades of his career in the financial services industry. He found himself always drawn back to the study of humankind. In 2019, Wall established Noēsis. He created a series of educational videos to describe the immensity of evolutionary influence upon modern behavior. Wall describes a notable paradox. The primitive compulsions that kept evolving humans safe now combine to block humanity’s arrival into a sustainable future. About Noēsis The mission of Noesis is to free humanity from the churn of perpetual conflict by first defining the evolutionary triggers for modern human behavior. These invisible and fully unresolved motivators of conflict continue to fight ancient battles against enemies that no longer exist. These relics of human evolution have combined to undermine, and eventually destroy every previous human cultures. Saddled with these ancient relics, an emotionally exhausted human species limps into the modern day. Humans can and must understand the mechanism of repetitive human failure, or we risk it all by our inaction.

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