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How To Kill In Comedy - Steve North

Episode Summary

Steve North, the premiere comedy coach in Hollywood for more than thirty years, has coached thousands of comedy hopefuls and heads up two of the longest running standup workshops in the Los Angeles area. His new best-selling book, “How to Kill in Comedy,” is , well, killing. He has appeared as Steve North the Comedy Coach on national television shows, voted #1 Comedy Coach at comedy festivals across the United States, in Judy Carter’s Comedy Career in a Box DVD set, and he stars in the DVD Secrets of Comedy from Comedy Time. He has also conducted many seminars on comedy—both solo and with his comedy partner and wife, Barb North. The team of Barb and Steve North has performed live standup comedy at the Comedy Store, the Improv, the Ice House, and in nightclubs all over the world—including colleges and conventions. Besides performing on a multitude of television shows (Make Me Laugh, Thicke Of The Night, and NBC Fantasy), the Norths worked as writers and producers on The Gong Show, America’s Funniest Videos, Totally Hidden Video, Make Me Laugh, and many more.

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