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Hacking the God Code: The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul

Episode Summary

In this apocalyptic masterpiece, Patricia Cori reveals the epic battle for the soul of humanity, waged between the forces of darkness and light. Never has the conflict been more intense and the outcome more crucial for the very survival of our species and the evolution of our world. Hacking the God Code delivers what Cori calls a “booster shot of truth” to all who are ready to hear it. It exposes the sinister web of lies and manipulation that has been perpetrated upon humanity at all levels of society and the institutions we have been taught to trust. At this time of incredible upheaval, she exposes the tactics of a corrupt and unfathomably ruthless global cabal, whose aim it is to enslave us by destroying our precious DNA connection to God-Source energy. With the determination of an investigative journalist and the passion of a spiritual warrior, she brings to light the agenda of the New World Order and its “Global Reset,” and how it is targeting every soul on this planet. With the unshakable belief that the truth shall set us free from even the darkest manifestations against the human race, she offers critical solutions for healing, for finding the strength to fight back, and for manifesting a clear direction for the light teams amongst us to be empowered and liberated from fear for their health, the future of their children, and their very lives.

Episode Notes