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Gary Paul Corcoran - Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: First Chronicle

Episode Summary

Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: First Chronicle ~ Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls. Two rousing tales of love, war and international intrigue, written in support of the Afghan women. Since Afghanistan fell one year ago, every bit of tyranny and barbarism the world had expected of the Taliban has come to pass. Women shut off from education and meaningful employment, forced to wear burkas in public and imprisoned for protesting. All their hard fought achievements of the past twenty years stolen away, even the simplest freedom of movement denied them, their status once again reduced to that of medieval servitude. With the click of a mouse, you can help author Gary Paul Corcoran and Afghan veteran Rob Williams make their free Kindle download go viral and reassure the Afghan women that the world community has not forgotten their grim fate. Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: First Chronicle and Darkness Falls. Free on Amazon Kindle, August 11th through August 15th. Mr. Corcoran was born in New England to Irish/Italian parents and grew fascinated by the magic of words at a very early age. His mother was already teaching him to read by the time he was three. It was a vibrant and relatively wealthy beginning, with great family gatherings, new cars, nannies and winters in Miami. Then the author’s father went bankrupt and moved the family to the orange groves and suburban track homes littering Southern California in the 1960s. A measure of wealth soon returned, but the family gatherings and that sense of belonging had been noticeably replaced by a now sterile home life. The author often found himself retreating to the orange groves behind the family home and climbing the towering eucalyptus trees that served as windbreaks, that vista of the world and exhilarating sense of height serving to salve his feelings of isolation and loneliness. It was a harbinger of his journey to come as an author.

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