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Focus Puller - Daniel Hess - Filmmaker/Author

Episode Summary

Established in 2009 To Tony Productions is a dedication to Anthony Ranocchia III; close friend and cousin to founder Daniel Hess. From birth, Anthony was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that affects all aspects of life from proper growth to loss of appetite. Daniel and Anthony grew up together and were very close. At the age of fourteen, Anthony passed away from complications of CF when Daniel was only ten years old. As Daniel got older and began to develop an interest in writing, which later evolved into video production, he decided to start his own company. While searching for a name, he decided there was no better way to honor the memory of Anthony. To Tony Productions is a way to carry on his spirit for life and passion for creativity. We strive to carry on Anthony’s legacy and everything he stood for in all of our work. Although Anthony’s life was short, we embody his strength, maturity, and youthful spirit into each of our projects to create an impact.

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