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Erupt Into Peak Performance & Higher Profit - Wylie McGraw

Episode Summary

"Leaders all over the world are constantly chasing peak performance. That’s why they look to all types of coaches, consultants, and high-level masterminds, seeking out support with the focus on more success. But this becomes a never ending quest. And what they both want and need is often wildly promised, yet rarely delivered. My name is Wylie McGraw and I am not a coach; I’m a Performance Accelerator. I’m the founder of Radical Performance Acceleration, and for well over a decade now I’ve been behind-the-scenes doing life-altering work with powerful CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Public Figures across many industries, accelerating their performance both personally and professionally. Just like you, they’re done wasting time, energy, and money on other resources that just can’t get the job done. That’s why I’m here - I don’t help leaders, I optimize them." -Wylie McGraw

Episode Notes

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